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Our company was founded on the basis of providing customers one key element: ease of use. After years of supplying medical equipment to customers across the Nation, we had a wealth of feedback of what worked and what didn’t. That information combined with our product knowledge allowed us to develop products that performed better for our customers. We found ourselves thinking, “this model would be great if it did this!”. So we took the leap and created our first line of knee walkers in 2011. We combined the high quality customers needed along with the functionality and useful features they were looking for. With that, TKWC Inc was born.

Now with nearly another decade under our belt, we continue to add products to our line and strive to continue designing recovery products that are comfortable, durable, and affordable. Our company remains family owned and based proudly here in the US. That includes service, warehouse, buying and design!

We began by designing knee walkers and have grown into a seasoned Durable Medical Equipment company by offering a wide range of mobility and recovery products. We are proud to make products that make our Customer’s lives a little bit easier.

Your partner in a speedy and healthy recovery,

The TKWC Team