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Leg Lifter Strap

The Leg Lifter Strap by TKWC Inc is a perfect aid for when you need a little help lifting your leg. Whether it’s due to a weak leg, recovery or arthritis, the Leg Lifter Strap allows you to confidently and safely move your leg on or off your wheelchair, bed, couch, car or any situation assistance is needed.

Durable by design, the strap is reinforced inside with rigid aluminum rod providing strong yet smooth maneuverability of your leg. The large foot loop fits over your foot or shoe and can be bent into a customizable shape. The loop has a circumference of 20" and the strap is 39" in overall length.

This mobility aid is made with high quality fabric with long lasting webbing for extra security. If you or a loved one requires assistance with positioning their legs on a daily basis, this Leg Lifter Strap is an essential tool to have.

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